Top 5 practices that can lead you to your dream Data Science job in 2022

Data Science has no more been just a field of cleaning, organising and analysing information but has transformed into a full stack professional career with much wider prospects and versatile job roles. Undoubtedly, It has become one of the most admired career preference for an individual in today’s time.

So how do we define the contemporary Data Scientist’s job responsibility as?

Breaking the traditional shackles of just collecting and organizing the data, contemporary data scientists are now involved into a more technical form by using their analytical expertise, problem solving and decision making skills to maximize the growth of an organisation. Hence, making Data Science profession the most valued one for each and every industry that exists.

With the increasing admiration and demand of such highly skilled individuals in organizations, there is also an extreme need for the individuals applying for such roles to be prepared with the industry relevant requirements. Remember, Its important to not only live up to the employer’s expectations but also prove how you are the best fit for a particular role in their organization.

Here are our top 5 suggested practices that can lead you to your dream Data Science job in 2022-

1. Group/Self-Learn Projects

Being a bookworm won’t help!!
Its high – time for all of us to realise the importance of participating in group projects or take up self learning projects which are relevant to the industry and can be an added as an activity in your cv.

Its important to be clear with the concepts, but having a hang of applying these concepts practically is considerably more important and that’s what the recruiter is actually rooting for!

2. Showcase your work!

Showcasing your work can act as an online practical cv which will give the idea of exactly what you know and if the kind of work can fit the job requirements and also leave a good impression on the recruiter. Overall, it makes the selection process easier and less time consuming.

Here’s a tip – Websites like GitHub, Gitlab, AWS CodeCommit allow you to showcase your work and provides you a wide platform for the same. We’ll be soon sharing a detailed blog on this as well.

3. Attend Conferences

Attending conferences can be a great way of connecting and networking with different people of your industry. As an educational institute, we ensure that this is the best way to get a good exposure before you apply for jobs. Various companies organize these conferences, where you can meet the employees of the company and get to know a lot about the working environment.


4. Participate in competitions

Competitions can be a best way to test your skills and learn new things from people around you!
You should try platforms like Kaggle and Machine Hack keep hosting various challenges and hackathons to solve problems through data science and analytics.

5. Improve Communication skills

Being in the Data Science field, you probably would have heard this a lot!! But its completely true that an individual in this field needs to be good with explaining things easily and that can be only achieved when you practice communication. Both Listening and Speaking! Its of utmost importance to communicate your ideas and decisions well, especially when you have been assigned to solve problems of the organization.

Although, we are done with our top 5 practices, we would like to give you a tip while going!
Being active and confident about your work is one of the most important aspect that’ll help you grab that dream job. So, keep rooting for new opportunities coming your way and excel them with full power.

Lastly, if you enjoyed reading and gained some good insights, please share this blog ahead with your friends, family and anybody relevant.


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