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What is Business Analysis?

Business Analytics is a framework designed to support decision-making processes. This framework combines architecture, database, analytical tools and applications. The main objective of business analytics is to bridge the gap between organization current status and its desired position. It helps organizations achieve commercial success along with sound financial management. Business analytics solutions use statistical and quantitative analysis and fact-based data to measure past performance to guide an organization’s business planning.

Data Science in businesses

  • Business Intelligence for making smarter decisions
  • Making Better Products by analysis of customer reviews
  • Managing Businesses Efficiently by predicting the success rate of their strategies
  • Predictive Analytics to Predict Outcomes
  • Leveraging Data to make calculated data-driven decisions
  • Assesing how decisions affect their performance and growth
  • Automating Recruitment Processes by use of analytical algorithms like clustering and classification
Data Science Important

Any Business that has data can leverage the power of Data Science

Business Analyst

Business analysis has less to do with data and instead focuses on analysing and optimizing the processes and functions that make up a business. Business analysts analyse what a business needs to function optimally and what it needs to improve, and then work to implement solutions. This may include improving processes, changing policies or introducing new technology.

For example, a business analyst may work with both the client, who has a particular requirement in their business and the development team, which either builds a product or delivers a service to fulfil that requirement.

Role of a Business Analyst

  • Empowering management and workers to make better informed decisions
  • Decision making with quantifiable, data driven evidence
  • Directing the actions based on trends which in turn helps setting the goal
  • Documenting and translating customer business functions and processes
  • Analysing business process modelling
  • Evaluating and Implementing the Finest Solution
Roles of a Business Analyst

How are various big leagues running their business efficiently by the use of data science?

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