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The digitization happening across global education necessitates a smart learning platform to compliment classroom teaching. LMS provides a reliable, secure, flexible, and scalable solution for the continuous guidance and helps us in maximising our curriculum effectiveness. With a customizable platform which allows creation of study material, continuous assessments, feedback, academic timetable, it immensely contributes in making students’ engagement high.

Providing a comprehensive learning experience for our students

Revisit Classroom Sessions

Classroom Sessions

LMS is used to provide structured course content in the forms of notes, PPT, quizzes and video links. Our faculty uploads notes and assignments on LMS on a regular basis as the classroom sessions progress. This ensures a smooth learning curve where students can access and re-use the study material whenever they want.

Online Assessment

Online Assessment

LMS enables our faculty to assess students based on assignments, tests and quizzes through online submissions. It enables tracking students’ progress conveniently and facilitates online communication between students and teachers. Students’ exchange of feedback both with teachers and their peers is also done through LMS.

Tracking day-to-day activities

Tracking activities

Attendance management is integrated on LMS where students and teachers can view and record attendance. Weekly events, newsletters, Circulars and timetables are shared via LMS. It also enables teachers to modify and update the content regularly so that students always have access to the updated material.

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