Top 5 best online internship portals in 2021

An internship can be best defined as an on – job training work experience provided by an organization where an individual gets the best exposure to the work life environment.

Unlike traditional times where internships were not given as much attention, in the present day world, internships play a prominent role in providing the right kind of work exposure which inturn helps in qualifying the job level requirements in future.

We don’t need more reasons, but here is why every college going student and a fresher should hunt for internship opportunities before they can land on a full time job placement – 

  • To get exposure of the professional work life environment (learn a few office jargons, it might help to leave good impressions)
  • To get a platform to showcase and build your skills while pursuing your academic degree
  • To explore your interests and capabilities
  • To learn from your experienced colleagues
  • Most importantly, to build an impressionable CV

Now the question that must come to mind is, how to get into one of these internships?? Well let me come to the point of writing this blog..

We are sharing our top 5 picks for online job portals where you can apply for your desired and best-fit internship –

The first and the foremost internship provider we would like to recommend is Internshala. It is the very first thing that comes in mind when you use the word internship providers for all the right reasons. 

  • Pre prepared online resume according to your profile
  • Filter box – helps you filter the right internship for you
  • Assured internship providing companies registered

As we know, LinkedIn is a social platform for all the working professionals where you can interact and share your profile directly with the employers.Fact that a lot of us are unaware about is that LinkedIn acts as an excellent resource to look for internships if used correctly.

  • Thousands of positions and companies to choose from
  • Filter provided to make your research easy
  • Directly connect with the employers

Another amazing website offering a wide range of internships is LetsINTERN. It lets you filter out the best internship according to various preset characteristics.

  • Varied options available
  • Exposure to the best internships available in large organizations
  • Tips on their blogs to make students aware about making the right choices

HelloIntern is considered as a global internship provider and expert. It offers flexibility in terms of applying for an internship in biggest companies as well as startups and non – profit organizations.

 • Varied companies to choose from
• Provides internships openings in large organizations for the best exposure
• Offers to attend various training programs to learn new skills

The only reason for us to mention this portal in our list is its unique ideology which is formed in contrast to traditional form of internships. is a virtual student workforce platform which allows students to work on various projects together. Wherein, one part is done by a student, second part is done by another student and the same process is followed till the task is finally completed.

 • More than 60,000 + students
• 100 + colleges and 50 + cities
• Different projects to work on
• Helps you explore your talent
Get going. Remember that trying and then failing is better than not trying at all. Keep applying, keep giving interviews – the process itself will act as the biggest teacher and you will realise you have developed skills of modifying resume as per job requirements, finding the best-fit in an ocean of opportunities, growing with the experience of giving interviews, documenting the feedbacks and holaaa you are already winning the race than the one’s not going through the process at all.

Now that you have got an idea of what an internship is and how to find one for yourself, use your time wisely and get on to finding your best pick.

But before that, here is a quick fact to end our blog on a good note.


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