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Facebook makes a ‘Mark’ on Reliance Jio

“If Facebook wants to become Amazon in India, they will have to start from scratch. A strong local partner in the form of Jio will be a huge advantage for the social media major," Shyamala Venkatachalam, Founder, The Remediation Company Currently during Covid-19 lockdown, when e-commerce grocery platforms were unable to keep up their promise [...]

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to control Covid-19

We are all aware of the global pandemic – Coronavirus and its impact on the humankind globally. It has hit millions of lives with thousands of deaths across the world and the threat continues increasing every day with new cases. But in comparison to the last major outbreak of the SARS virus in 2003, those [...]

Data Science Taking Over All The Domains

Think of the biggest and hottest companies in the world right now…companies whose products you tend to use every day. There are hundreds if not thousands more companies and industries that make use of data analysis to further their goals. So, why are companies slogging over data now more than ever?


Most people think of AI as robots, that’s because all the movies and novels depict AI as robots that could wreak havoc on earth, that’s actually far from the truth, AI is simply designed to understand and mimic human actions, responses for efficient problem solving.

Data Science-Oil of Industrial Engine

We find geeks all over talking about Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, these concepts have become a homely affair lately. While these technologies always existed around us impacting our day-to day-day lives in one way or another, we have now been made aware of the nitty-gritty of how greatly they affect us.

Understanding Data Science As A Student

Now-a-days data science is one of the fastest emerging fields. There are thousands of requirements for data scientists and data analysts. But Why? Who are these people? And most importantly What is Data Science? Understand it from a student’s perspective.

Best 7 Hackathon Ideas

Have you noticed that most of the winning Hackathon ideas over the past few years solved a major problem? If you realized that, then you should know that for you to win it, your ideas have to solve a problem, a Major Problem.

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