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Best 7 Hackathon Ideas

First of all I’ll start with why these 7 ideas are Best.

Have you noticed that most winning Hackathon ideas over the past few years solved a major problem?

If you are Eagle minded and you realized that, then you should know that for you to win it, you ideas have to solve a problem, a Major Problem.

To make it easy to understand for you all I’ll be breaking down the ideas in Categories:

1. Education

Trust me Education is becoming boring both for the Teachers and the students day by day.

You could think of how you can use Technology to make class lessons easier to understand, much more interesting.

This will indeed involve study tools, but trust me; a lot of peoples are looking for a solution to this problem/situations.


Bringing up an app that students have all their notes pre-handled to them in their phones/tab is one of the ideas I’ll pull out to you.

Typically seeing a big book in your front discourages one from reading, but students are more inclined to using their phones to read and study as they are attracted to it.

In India, Teachers spend 80%-90% of classroom time reading out loud or Writing on the board their notes, and students copy them.

But what about if these notes are pre handled? Students will use 90-100% off classroom time doing the actual learning.

This Hackathon Idea is worth investing on, even if teachers don’t vote for you, all the Students will vote for you.

2. Environmental Issues


Day in day out Countries in Africa and other parts of the world keep on facing environmental issues, and if you can use Technology to solve this issue it will be a very good idea for the Hackathon event.


What about creating an app that can help to spread information about Environmental issues and how to solve them?

This app won’t just tell you what to do but will also help you accomplish them.

For example, you could program the app to send a message to the Pick up Dirt Truck station at the end of each week to retrieve the waste without even bothering yourself.

It could also set you a reminder to clean your Environment every sanitation day.

Having great ideas like this can help you win the Hackathon Event.

3. Agriculture


We know a century ago people were more inclined to Agriculture, but now it’s not the same it’s just so boring just like education and young ones are not attracted to it at all…


What attracts these young ones is the computerized life, so what if Agriculture was computerized all through out?

You could figure out a great idea from that and even grow it into a worldwide practice it will be a great Hackathon idea only if you can develop on it.

4. Health


I call this the In demand of the world right now, we all know how quality of health is dropping day by day, a lot of research has been done they have found the causes of these health issues.

A lots of Resources has been invested into world health organisation (WHO).

Will there be any bad if you try your best to find out the solutions from these causes, of course not you could win with this Hackathon idea.


Building an app that you can input the symptoms of your illness, and then get the suspected disease of ailment which should be accurate

The drugs to be taken is also recommended in the app as well, instructions should be left for the pharmacist or Doctor to see while taken to the hospital, although this relieve the doctor of minor work but it saves time

5. Exercise


I’ll admit it, taking exercise is hard for some people especially when it’s hard for you to track your progress, some phone producers like Samsung have includes the Calories Burning tracker in their phones. also so many apps are now came to study and analyse your health on the basis of your daily activities.


An idea can be crafted by you to bring about Great results maybe an app that tracks the distance you’ve covered while walking, you can set a goal and that helps you to walk more and burn more calories.

6. Cyber Bullying

This is indeed another problem in the society, if you don’t know what cyber bullying is, it’s a way of bullying or harassment using Electronics means, majorly Social Media.

This causes emotional pain on young ones and many of them commit suicide afterwards.

If you can invest your time bringing up ideas to stop cyber bullying you can win


Facebook now has the ability to block suspected spam links and also pornographic images.

But what if you design a program or AI that auto detect cases of cyber bullying either in private chat, or in the News Feed itself, the Comment Box?

And then block that content and even penalize the user or give some restrictions to the user

You can design something like that, it is a major idea to solving cyber bullying, it’s a great Hackathon Idea.

7. Music

Music is passionately one of the things I personally love, and I feel over the years it has improved because of technology.

You could make it better if you have a great Hackathon idea for music, who knows? You can win it


Having an app that records and fine tune all audio recording while singing, rather than going to a studio and spend more money,

Having such app can help as its cost efficient and also it is more convenient and less stressful to carry out.

The app which can edit perfectly fine audio its like pics-art, photo-lab where you can edit pictures but here you can change voice its frequency everything which can be a better.

It seems like a big deal but the truth is it could be just another idea the whole world will love.

General Issues

There are some issues that just doesn’t seem categorized you could find solution to them as well, irrespective of what they are there are always solutions when we try harder to find them.


I’ve never gone for Hackathon before but I’ll admit having your Hackathon ideas is pretty much as having your trophy; you just have to build on it and let it grow

Hackathon ideas are at your hands now go take the Trophy!

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